SAYRE – The Sayre Borough Council held its annual reorganizational meeting on Monday, with Mayor Henry Farley swearing in the recently elected council members.

In addition to re-elected members James Daly and Jessie Dekar, newcomer Gabriel Felt stood to give his oath of office.

Mayor Farley continued to lead the meeting as nominations were made for council president.

Daly was nominated for the seat, as was Patrick Gillette. A roll call vote for Daly resulted in three in favor and four against; the subsequent vote to elect Gillette came out unanimous.

Daly was then nominated for vice president and was unanimously elected. Dekar was nominated for the position of council president pro tem, the vote for which was also unanimous.

Mayor Farley himself gave his oath of office earlier in the day Monday, alongside Sayre’s elected tax collector Amy Murrelle.

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