ATHENS – A local scout Glenn Romberger of Athens Troop 4018 was recently recognized for achieving the rank of Eagle Scout. Romberger’s chosen project was to install a Smoky Bear fire alert sign at the Litchfield township building.

State Rep. Tina Picket (R-110) attended the ceremony to present Romberger with an award. More than 40 other guests also attended the ceremony, including Litchfield Volunteer Fire Department fire chief Joe Drake and assistant fire chief Steve Merrill.

Romberger’s troop is Scoutmaster Greg Hughey, who has successfully led three boys to becoming Eagles locally. Romberger gave credit to Hughey, saying that he would not have been unable to complete his Eagle without all the countless hours that Hughey gives to the troop.

He went on to say that Hughey never missed an opportunity to provide activities and adventures for the troop, and that he always led by example to help the boys develop their character and value their community.

New Eagle Scout are also given a mentor pin that they then present to someone they wish to honor as a mentor. While Romberger said the decision was extremely hard, as there were many people who helped him with his project, he surprised his 82-year-old grandfather Glenn Aikens with the pin of honor.

According to Romberger, his grandfather has always been a guiding force in his life, as well as being an active role in his scouting career by providing manpower for projects, many scout donations, and his time and resources to the troop countless times over the years.

Romberger told stories of the times his grandfather and the troop, including let him invite the boys to his wood shop to participate in projects for the troop, providing camping and fishing opportunities on his property, and teaching knot tying and other lessons. Romberger named his grandfather as one-of-a-kind and said he is blessed to have him in his life.

Aikens didn’t know he was being honored, and guests were hard pressed to find a dry eye in the room during the presentation. Romberger continues to volunteer in cub scouts, where he has two younger brothers who will hopefully climb the ranks as well someday.

Romberger, a junior at Sayre High School, said that the values and skills he has learned in scouting will benefit him throughout his life. He is looking into pursuing a trade career; he will leave high school with a certificate in welding and future plans may include becoming a lineman to follow the footsteps of his grandfather.

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