Waverly students start amphitheater construction

Waverly students work on the initial stages of an amphitheater in Waverly Glen Park.

WAVERLY — Waverly High School students are helping to construct an amphitheater at Waverly Glen Park.

The amphitheater was first proposed in 2017 as part of the Waverly Glen revitalization project, and students got involved after discussions by Village of Waverly Mayor Patrick Ayres, and WCSD Superintendent Dr. Eric Knolles.

Both men are members of the Waverly Business Association.

“As he was talking about the project at the Glen, we started talking about how we could get our kids involved in the construction,” Knolles said.

The high school is offering an engineering class in conjunction with Corning Community College, where students participate in work-based learning.

Students have worked through the entire process, from conception to construction.

“They’ll be doing class work one day and then be out in the field the next day,” Knolles said. “This is one of the first projects we put together. The kids helped design the amphitheater, built a scale model, and now they’re helping build the actual structure.”

“In the class, we started designing the pad and the forms and everything for the building. We had to go through and make a cost analysis and that whole process,” Waverly student Kaden Wheeler said. “Now we’re starting it. This is just the first step and hopefully we’ll have it done by this fall.”

While gaining valuable experience, the project also allows students to leave their mark on the community with something everyone can utilize.

“It’s going to be awesome to have our names be a part of something that adds to the legacy of the community,” Wheeler said.

The project and work-based learning provide an integral part in the modernization of education.

“School shouldn’t just be about math and science,” Knolles said. “It should be about helping kids understand the community and helping kids build the community. This is a perfect project to really have our kids help to build a better community.”

Waverly High School plans to continue providing students with immersive experiences, including the construction of another race car for the Winner’s Circle Project.

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