Long Construction Season

God bless the residents on N. Elmer Ave. The same two blocks have been torn up all summer. It’s now October. What are they doing? I think the mailman delivers them mail, as they’ve been there so long.

Does food prevent COVID?

Why is it that food-consuming places like restaurants, bars and cafeterias — especially in schools and hospitals — seem to be the one place that COVID-19 cannot be spread? At least that seems to be what people think, because I have yet to see a student in a school cafeteria or a patient in a hospital cafeteria, or a diner or a bar attendant at a restaurant or a bar wear a mask while in there. I have not seen that happen since last March.

Thank You for Repairs

I just want to thank the Village of Waverly Code Enforcement Office for having the deteriorated sidewalks in the village repaired. It’s made walking in the village much safer.

Quiet, please

Am I the only one who thinks that the behavior of many fans at major televised football games ranks somewhere between disgusting and pathetic? Ever since a certain western team weaponized their fans to drown out the play calls of the visiting quarterback years ago, the skill of players takes a back seat to the decibels of the crowd. If I was fortunate enough to attend a game, I would want to see the best game possible. When parents model poor sportsmanship to their children, it’s truly disappointing. There’s a big difference between cheering for your team and crippling the competition. I would compare this behavior to inviting guests over for dinner, but not letting them eat.

Looking for Answers

I’d like to know what your ZIP Code has to do with anything medicare related. Please explain it to me.

Immunity Question

My family caught the COVID in September. Thanks to the healing hands of God, they all survived. Does that mean we now have some kind of natural immunity? None of us were vaccinated. Are we now part of the herd immunity? Too many questions and not enough answers. God save America from the COVID.

The Biden Agenda

Let me be clear, Joe, on your policies. The food price is going up. Heating your home went up 20 percent this winter, open borders, climate change BS, spend and tax policies. If you think these are really going to work, you’re mentally challenged and I’m being nice.

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